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Mannatech's Uth available NOW!!!!
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Release your body's natural ability to support beautiful, healthy skin through a new, patented microsphere delivery system that nourishes your skin with youth-inducing ingredients in a time-released pattern. This pattern optimizes the natural production of skin cells at all levels by delivering naturally sourced glycans, featuring Manapol® powder.

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The skin continues to get better with every day! What will it look like in 30 days, 60 days?

Every bottle of skin care matrix product purchased will generate a donation from Mannatech to MannaRelief of Phytoblend to a child for one complete month. Every time someone uses this product will benefit a child.

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Skin Care with natural Glycans, plus French microsphere and DermCom technologies!!!

What is Glycan Technology? Watch this short video from Mannatech.


Watch the following video to learn more from Dr. Martin Kassir

The youthful look starts to decline naturally in your early twenties. He was responsible for finding some of the best scientifically valid ingredients out there. An ingredient called DermCom from the crocus bulb that is full of various nutrients that have been scientifically shown to enhance the production of some of these matrix-based proteins, like Collagen and Elastin. The second thing he realized was that these are critical and the more natural, the better.

Glycans and aloe can pretty significantly retard the inflammatory response. Other glycans help a signaling devise within the skin for the production of new proteins and for the production of hyaluronicacid. Skin repair and skin regeneration are both facilitated by Glycans - that's cell to cell communication. hyaluronic acid is another glycan, and it's the primary moisture trapping glycan that exists in the matrix. He found these ingredients that he thought would be the absolute best technologies for the rejuvination of a healthy, strong matrix.

The last thing he realized is that many of these molecules don't pass the various barriers of the skin. You have to go through multi-barriers to get there and then you need a time-release so that the skin is constantly being influenced by these critical nutients. To that end, he found a great technology out of France, refered to as microspheres.

Microspheres would be kind of like a long layer of lipid-membrane. You put all your active ingredients in it and then you roll it up. What happens (at the micro-level)when it penetrates the skin. What that gives you is not only something that can go through the multiple layers of the skin, but a controlled time release of these critical nutrients.

Hyaluronic acid is too big of a molecule to penetrate the skin, and yet these guys can do it with microspheres. This allows there to be two things: an immediate response to the product (which of course, everybody's looking for) and the long-term effect of rebuilding the matrix back to its youthful structure. We have filed patents on using microspheres for the delivery of our specific Glycans. I will tell you this, even though microspheres are patented, they don't belong to us and they don't belong to Dr. Kassir, but we are using them for the delivery of very specific molecules. We have a patent pending product that nobody has ever used before - this is revolutionary.

This is a cold-pressed product; there is no heat involved - which is kind of unique for the skincare market - it protects the integrity of these vital nutrients from being destroyed under heat. We also use no parabens or harmful substances at all. Our commitment is to have all naturally occurring molecules, both as preservatives and as nutrients.


The very first time they applied this to someone in the lab they called me and they said, "you guys are going to be gazillionaires - you will not believe the impact this product has on the skin immediately. None of us expected to see an immediate response like they saw."

1. One of the people in the lab was a man that had gone on vacation a week before and had a pretty significant tan. He put the cream on his face and all of a sudden they saw white lines below his eyes! They saw white lines because they were the crevasses of the wrinkles around his eyes. All of a sudden, he got this immediate response and his skin actually started exhibiting those white lines and his wrinkles started to disappear - and again this is immediate, this isn't five days later! When those deep crevasses of the wrinkles and lines in his face were exposed - it was so dramatic to everyone in the lab!
2. One woman in the lab used a 5X mirror so that she could look real close at her skin and she said she could actually see it happening as she put it on her skin! (Magnifying makeup mirror.)

We don't think there is anything like it on the market and neither does this world-class dermatologist who will be the spokes person for this new product.

These pictures were taken 2 minutes apart! Amazing!

We are actually in a very unique position in the skincare market and excitement is growing among our business builders. We are looking for people to join us who would love to have such a fun business that is also very profitable. This product will sell itself once it is better known.


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