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Emprizone® - Hydrating Gel with AloeVera

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Emprizone®hydrating gel

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Soothe and Moisturize to Maintain Your Skin's Natural Texture and Beauty
This unique hydrating gel helps refresh and moisturize dry, itchy skin by restoring vital moisture. Mannatech's Emprizone gel combines the legendary qualities of
Aloe Vera with vitamins A and E, is pH-balanced and will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized. It's the perfect solution for use after drying exposure to the sun and after shaving or waxing because it helps restore vital moisture.

The Perfect Accessory to Any Outfit--Beautiful Skin

Mannatech's Emprizone gel contains gentle, botanical ingredients known to soothe and hydrate the skin on your arms, legs, hands and feet. The unique formula will leave your skin feeling softer and suppler than you thought possible.

Directions: Apply at least once daily to face, hands or other desired areas. For external use only. Do not put in eyes or on open wounds.

Improves resiliency*
May help reduce shallow/coarse wrinkles*
Evens skin tone*
Improves elasticity and firmness*
Significantly reduces redness due to irritation*
Water-based, without any oils or pore-clogging ingredients

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