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GI ProBalance pkg

Probiotic with Prebiotic

Give Yourself a Happy Gut Feeling
Why GI ProBalance?
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GI Pro Balance is an upgrade, from a product created for Mannatech years ago, called GI Pro.
GI ProBalance is better, it's a lot stronger, and has six strains of very hardy, scientifically tested bacterium, that are just superb for gastrointestinal health. These six strains of bacterium are supported by a prebiotic.

In basic terms - it's the food that feeds probiotic and keeps the probiotic healthy ... probiotic bacteria have to be alive, or in science we say viable, in order for them to be useful to your body.... How do you keep a living thing alive? Well, one thing you do is you feed 'em.- and that's what prebiotic does.

When you combine a prebiotic with a probiotic it's called a synbiotic — not symbiotic, but synbiotic, like synergistic. So, GI ProBalance is a synbiotic. And it has 15 billion colony forming organisms. (CFU) Because this product has an adequate level of prebiotic in the slimstick with the probiotic, you don't have to refrigerate it, and at its expiration date it still delivers 1.5 billion healthy, strong probiotic for you. Even when stored in your house at normal room temperature — with no refrigeration.

Approximately 70% of your total immune function — of your total body is in your gut, your gastrointestinal tract. 31:40 And the primary, most important thing to do to support the health of your gastro-intestinal tract is supplement with probiotic bacteria.

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A lot of people aren't too excited about that, and some people are very excited about that. You see the TV commercials that say, "well my bowel regularity is much better now" And it will be! Because probiotic bacteria is very important to healthy bowel function and bowel regularity. But it's much more than that.

70% of your immune system — this is very significant! So we need to support that. And you might say, "But isn't that bacteria always in my gut?" Not necessarily. Stress can reduce your probiotic levels &mdash there are pharmaceutical drugs and even over the counter medications can reduce your probiotic balance. Alcohol kills bacteria, good or bad. And there are certain foods, certain dietary changes that can kill good bacteria.

So, there are lots of reasons you may need to replenish your gut flora — on a daily basis. It is for this reason we designed GI ProBalance to be the product it is. It is designed to be taken once per day. If you take a whole pack of slim sticks at one sitting, you are still absolutely safe, but that is a bit of overkill. It's meant for one a day — So that's important.33:50

36:07 The product is convenient — so there are no excuses - you can put this in your purse, you can put it in your pocket — you can have it with you wherever you go — there's no excuse for not taking your GI ProBalance once per day.

And these are specifically cultured to survive the very harsh environment of the human stomach — there's acid in that stomach that is really powerful. And a lot of stuff won't survive - weaker strains of probiotic won't survive, taken orally. So these are really sturdy, and have been especially cultured for this purpose. As I mentioned, no refrigeration is required..and the flavor is a natural yogurt flavor —when we say natural flavors, guess what we mean, natural flavors — no MSG.

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