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Immune System Support

Mannatech ImmunoSTART®
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*A strong immune system removes toxins and damaged cell material.
ImmunoSTART® chewables support the body's ability to do cellular "house cleaning."

It helps the body to:

  • Remove harmful heavy metals.
  • Remove daily toxins.
  • Remove damaged cell materials.

  • immunostart productImmunoSTART®
    Key immune health benefits of ImmunoSTART®
  • Supports a cascade of immune responses that begin in the mouth and proceed throughout the body.

  • Optimizes response of natural killer cells, B cell and T cells, that seek out and destroy foreign substances.

  • Strengthens the mucosal immune system — your first line of defense.

  • Supplies and enhances natural antibodies (immunoglobulins).

  • Helps regulate the number and activities of circulating immune cells.

  • Initiates communication in the immune system, to release chemical messengers that help keep your immune system strong.

  • Helps the body remove heavey metals and toxins from the cells.

  • Helps balance the immune system

  • A fresh start for your immune system
  • ImmunoSTART® features peptides, amino acids and glycoproteins that engage your body's natural ability to heal and repair itself.
  • ImmunoSTART® provides daily support for strong immune systems.
  • Optimize your first line of defense
  • Supports the mucouse membranes that line your mouth, nose, lungs and digestive tract.

  • Special nutrients in ImmunoSTART® chewables can immediately react with mucous membranes in the mouth and esophagus to energize your immune sytem.

  • They bind to specific receptor sites that send signals directly to your lymphatic system — the roadway for your trillion circulating white blood cells.

  • The nutrient forces in ImmunoSTART® chewables spread throughout the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where they facilitate normal cell proliferation and growth of beneficial GI bacteria.

  • Components of ImmunoSTART® help trigger a cascade of immune signaling mechanisms.

  • The combination of ImmunoSTART® and Ambrotose® complex provides a synergistic array of proteins, peptides, polypeptides and glycoproteins — nutrients that can help you achieve optimal health through an appopriately immunomodulated immune system.

  • Paracelsus, the Father of Pharmacology said:

    "All that mankind needs for good health...is provided by God in nature...the challenge for science is to find it."

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