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Nutrition the way your body wants it - nourish it with a whole-food matrix of real vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients and antioxidants.

How confident are you that your diet is providing even close to what you need, not just for your overall good health, but what you need to actually get to the end of each day, each week, and still feel like you have something left to give?

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We know our bodies are designed to get nutrients from natural and pure sources, but very few of us actually get most of our nutrition this way. Even those of us who are trying to be healthier by becoming more educated about nutrition have a hard time feeling confident that we are getting the right stuff for ourselves and our families. In fact, the more we learn about good nutrition, the more we realize just how hard it is to get what our bodies really need. So, we are left with a nutritional void.

NutriVerus powder addresses your nutritional needs by filling in where your diet stops short. It epitomizes everything Real Food Technology® solutions represent with:
  • Naturally sourced vitamins from foods like acerola cherries and broccoli

  • Hydroponically grown, plant-sourced minerals from Indian mustard plants

  • Cell-supporting glyconutrients from plant-polysaccharides like aloe vera and arabinogalactan

  • Stabilized rice bran,containing phytosterols, fatty acids, fibers and glyconutrients

  • Organic fruit and vegetables to support nutritional synergies in a whole-food matrix

  • The science behind NutriVerus powder may be advanced, but the product was designed to simplify nutrition for your whole family.

    The name "NutriVerus" is derived from the word "nutrition" and the Latin word "verus", which means real or true.

    NutriVerus is real nutrition.

    It is
    * Effective and safe - All-natural, food-sourced ingredients backed by studies and science

    * Simple and easy-to-use - One serving twice a day, designed to mix with food or beverage without affecting taste

    * Cost-effective - The best of Mannatech nutritional technologies in one product

    * Exclusive - A combination of Mannatech patented technologies

    Here is what NutriVerus powder
    can do for you:
  • Bolsters your immune system

  • Supports brain function

  • Helps you maintain your energy

  • Helps protect your cardiovascular system

  • Supports healthy digestion

  • Supports cell-to-cell communication

  • Stabilized Rice Bran - New Superfood
    One More Thing That Makes NutriVerusPowder So Nutritious

    One of the most intriguing featurees of NutriVerus powder is the rice bran fiber that serves as the phytonutrient-rich base. This high-fiber ingredient not only provides its own source of glyconutriets, but it's an actual emerging superfood.

    Stabilized rice bran is a superfood because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, soluable and insoluable fibers, phytosterols and a wide array of antioxidants.

    Rice is one of the world's oldest and most common food sources and a dietary a dietary staple for approximately 70% of the world's population. Until recently, the most nutritious parts of the rice kernel - the bran germ - had to be discarded during the milling process due to their instability and due to the presence of a naturally occurring enzyme that quickly breaks down the bran and germ, rendering them useless. However, a recent develeopment now allows for the stabilization of rice bran, resulting in a nurtrient-dense food source that is also a source of glyconutrients.

    NutriVerus powder is nutrition the way your body wants it!

    Simpy put, it's the best of all Mannatech's patented technologies
    in one effective and affordable real-food product, and one that
    mixes easily into your favorite food or beverage.

    Advanced, Affordable Nutrition from Nature

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