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TruHealth® Fat-loss System

TruHealth Fat-loss System

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Take back your life while giving your body what it needs with our TruPlenish Nutritional Shake that leaves you feeling full while providing vital nutrients to keep your mind off food while you lose fat.
The TruPlenish Shake helps:†
  • Support healthy weight management*
  • Support mainenance of lean muscle*
  • Promote healthy digestion*
  • Increase metabolism*
  • Reduce feelings of hunger*

  • (Available now in US,
    currently in Canada only as NFR)

    † when taken in conjunction with the TruHealth Fat-loss System.
    The reduction of impurities in you body can help improve all aspects of your health. TruPURE cleanse helps support a healthy metabolism and weight management so you can feel amazing while losing the fat.*†

    For a healthy detoxification, TruPURE can help:

  • Promote total body support*
  • Support the removal of impurities from all major organs, which may improve overall health*
  • Support a healthy metabolism*
  • Support detoxification at the cellular level*
  • Support anti-aging via antioxidants and toxic defense*
  • Support healthy body composition*

  • †When taken in conjunction with the TruHEALTH system's dietary and water intake recommendations.
    Free from harsh stimulants and caffeine, TruSHAPE capsules help you shed the fat so you can fit into your clothes again.

    TruSHAPE capsules:

  • Help reduce body fat.*
  • Are all natural.*
  • Are stimulant-free.*
  • Help boost your metabolism.*
  • Support appetite control.*
  • Promote healthy weight loss for a healthier and leaner looking body.*
  • Promote greater calorie burn.*
  • Promote greater energy levels.*
  • Support healthy body composition*
  • Are free from common allergens such as dairy and gluten.*
  • Are suitable for vegetarians.*
  • †When taken in conjunction with reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.

    Start Right, Live Healthier
    Changing habits will not be easy, but it will be worth it! Start by completely removing unhealthy or non-nourishing foods and snacks from your home. Get rid of soda, foods containing artificial sweeteners and coloring and other "junk" food, and stock your fridge and pantry with lots of fresh, nutritious items!

    If you think you will go hungry while on this system, we have good news. We encourage you to eat all the veggies that you can! Grazing is welcomed during this system to help cravings and keep you satisfied.

    You can even continue the TruHealth Fat-loss program beyond the 30 days until you meet your goal! By the end of 30 days you will be on track to taking back your life by feeling, looking and being healthier than ever!

    Your Body is Under Attack
    Nasty toxins get into our bodies from food, water, air and chemicals. Out digestive system naturally cleanses, but it can become overburdened with too much exposure. Along with the consumption of quality-sourced food, cleansing your body can futher help prevent toxin buildup. Cleansing is a crucial part of the TruHealth 30 day Fat-loss System, and TruPLENISH, TruPURE, and TruSHAPE products can help optimize your cleansing efforts.

    Why Body Composition Index (BCI) Is Important

    Typically, most of us use a scale to track weight and assess our progress. But, too often, successful dieting and fitness programs are sabotaged because the scale does not tell you what is really happening in your body. A scale can only tell you how much you weigh; it cannot tell you how much of that is muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass or water weight.

    Ultimately we recommend that you focus on fat loss. We believe that the Body Composition Index (BCI) is a tool that is more helpful than the scale or the common Body Mass Index (BMI) for assessing one’s health. Here is why:

  • Most people don’t realize that muscle weighs 20% more than fat per inch. While muscle is lean, fat is bulky, and takes up more space per pound.
  • As your body fat-to-lean ratio decreases, so do your health risks. That’s great news!

  • Mannatech's TruHealth 30 day Fat-loss System was designed to work in conjunction with the feedback you will receive through your BCI. Together, you will establish a new normal!

    The 30-day system that's validated, naturally sourced, delicious and nutritional!
    With the TruHealth System you'll have the products and tools to take control of your health, drop that unwanted fat and create a long-term, healthy lifestyle.

    The TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake is one of the core components of the TruHealth Fat-Loss System.
    It's a plant-based, complete meal replacement full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics,
    Glyconutrients and over 20 grams of protein. Its high-fiber content keeps you feeling
    fuller longer and it comes in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors.

    Replacing a meal or snack each day with a TruPLENISH Nutritional Supplement Shake
    while following the TruHealth suggested meal plan enables you to easily reduce your
    caloric intake without sacrificing nutritional needs.
    This shake helps form the foundation of your personal fat-loss agenda.

    Once you've reached your goals, continuing to incorporate TruPLENISH shakes into your daily meal
    plan will help you maintain your weight and new, improved body shape.

    The TruPLENISH Shake:
    Helps transform your body and improve your
    body composition through the maintenance of lean muscle*
    Helps reduce feelings of hunger and increase satiety*
    Supports healthy weight management*
    Promotes healthy weight loss, for a healthier, leaner body*
    Promotes healthy digestion*
    Is new and healthy habit forming*
    Helps you look and feel better*