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Ambrotose® Powders The True Glyconutrient
While Aloe Vera has been a popular medicinal plant for centuries, no one understood what was responsible for its many benefits until Mannatech scientists dentified the active ingredients; plant polysaccharides. This discovery led to the revolutionary product we call Ambrotose® Complex. Ambrotose®, is our key glyconutrient product.

Ambrotose Complex

This video is the property of Mannatech Inc. and is used here by permission

For more than 20 years, Manapol® powder. has been a key ingredient in many of Mannatech's glyconutritional products.

More.... Transforming Glycoscience by NAS. Since its launch in 1996, millions of units of Ambrotose® have been sold in more than twenty countries world-wide. Mannatech currently holds 125 patents in major global markets to help protect its products and formulas, separating it from other nutritional supplement and direct selling companies.

To date, more than 50 patents have been issued world-wide for the technology related to Ambrotose® complex.

Mannatech’s Ambrotose® complex is a breakthrough technology designed to deliver the vital missing ingredients not typically found in our diet.

Validated in Scientific Studies, to:
  • Support Cell to cell Communication
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Memory
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve Attentiveness
  • Improve Mood
  • Decrease Irritability
  • Support Digestive System* Function
  • Support Immune System Function

  • *See also The Ecology of the Gut
    Support your immune system with Ambrotose, the true glyconutrient product.

    Learn more about glyconutrients, glycans and the science of Glycobiology.
    Chinese:...Ambrotose, the Missing Link in Human Nutrition ®

    Spanish:...Ambrotose®, the Missing Link in Human Nutrition

    This video is the property of Mannatech Inc. and is used here by permission

    This Study Demonstrates That Advanced Ambrotose® Can Be Broken Down In The Human GI Tract

    The human GI tract is something most people do not really think about, but it is something that plays a major role in how well the body functions. Mannatech, in partnership with Hyperion Biotechnology, recently completed an important study on Advanced Ambrotose® titled, "Utilization of Arabinogalactan, Aloe Vera Gel Polysaccharides, and a Mixed Saccharide Dietary Supplement by Human Colonic Bacteria in Vitro".

    This study gives scientists insight into this complicated part of the human body and shows that Advanced Ambrotose® interacts with bacteria in the digestive system.

    This study was accepted a couple of years ago for publication in The International Journal of Probiotics & Prebiotics. Its publication in this peer-reviewed journal is another positive step forward in Mannatech's cutting edge research designed to provide a better understanding of how Advanced Ambrotose® supports human health.

    Advanced Ambrotose® — Mannatech's proprietary glyconutritional formula that combines arabinogalactan with saccharides from aloe and brown seaweed (fucoidans) — is designed to support good health through cell to cell communication in the immune system.

    When asked about this research, Dr. Robert Sinnott, Chief Science Officer at Mannatech, commented, "The study demonstrates that there are some bacteria in the gut that can break down the polysaccharides in Mannatech's Advanced Ambrotose® glyconutritional formula into a size range compatible with absorption by the body."

    One of the emerging fields of scientific research, the human GI tract remains largely an enigma. "There's a lot going on in the GI tract that we are just beginning to understand," says Dr. Sinnott.
    "It's home to approximately 70 percent of the body's immune system, and previous studies suggest that certain polysaccharides can play an important role in affecting the function of our immune system.

    What this study provides, " continues Dr. Sinnott, "is the groundwork for future studies and a better understanding of what the key ingredients in Advanced Ambrotose®larch arabinogalactan and stabilized aloe vera gel polysaccharides—are doing.
    Working under the theory that bacteria in the digestive tract could break down the polysaccharides in Ambrotose® , we conducted this collaborative study."
    health& living" vol 7 no.4 Can. Ed.

    Advanced Ambrotose® Bulk Powder and Capsules

    Advanced Ambrotose® products are a significant step forward in Mannatech's internationally recognized family of products.

    Advanced Ambrotose® products are based on a breakthrough formula that offers an advanced blend of saccharides. They combine arabinogalactan and saccharides from aloe with fucoidan-rich Undaria pinnatifida, or wakame, a brown seaweed harvested from the clear waters off the coast of Tasmania and Patagonia, for more fucoidans per serving than is available in any other Mannatech® product. Fucoidans are a superior source of polysaccharides.

    Our Advanced Ambrotose® powder and capsules deliver a better balance of plant polysaccharides, and are formulated to support good health.

    Helps to maintain healthy blood lipid levels.
    What are blood lipids? Lipids are fatty substances in the blood, and include cholesterol and triglycerides. Lipids carry some vitamins and are a source of energy. Having healthy blood lipid levels is an important part of good health.

    Ambrotose Complex

  • NSF-certified
  • Contact us: [email protected], 1-403-443-2206

    Our most advanced plant polysaccharide product yet!

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