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Mannatech Products Certified by NSF International--Third-Party Validation Further Ensures High Quality

What is NSF?

NSF International is an authority on public health and safety. A non-profit, non-governmental organization, it develops standards and certifies products in over 100 countries all over the world.They work closely with key associations and government agencies to ensure up-to-date adherence of many kinds of products to strengthen health and safety guidelines. And NSF routinely audits manufacturers, from raw materials to finsihed product, before approving them for certification. Ingredients are monitored for purity and labels are double-checked for accuracy.

What does NSF Certification Mean?
It means assurance.

Mannatech already adheres to U.S. and Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), for all of its products. NSF International, as an independent third party, test these manufacturing processes against nationally recognized standards. Ingredients are monitored for purity and labels are double checked for acuracy.

What can NSF Certification Do for My Business?

In a word --- More!
More confidence.
More credibility.
More exposure.

When a Mannatech product is Certified by NSF, you can show your customers and prospective Associates that the very top level of quality testing backs the Mannatech brand. Each NSF-Certified product will carry the NSF Mark in all supporting publications, product guides and on the web site, as well as right on the product label!

NSF is a leader in dietary supplement certification, and an independent, third party agency that develops standards and certifies products in more than 100 countries. It has a comprehensive program for product testing and manufacturing evaluation, helping ensure that supplements and ingredients are labeled accurately and do not contain any adulterants or contaminants.

The result? Independently tested products with proven quality!

You can see for yourself NSF's Mannatech® certifications on their web site:

Mannatech Case Study

Visit: www.nsf.org

ISKA Certification
More recently ISKA, The International Sports Karate Association, has chosen Mannatech as the only company for inclusion in the ISKA Certified For Elite Athletes programme.
ISKA and Mannatech - a Winning Combination.

Cory Shafer, President of ISKA, has stated that as the governing body for martial arts and their 28,000 studio owners across North America, it is their chief responsibility to surround owners and their students with only the best in health and wellness. "We know Mannatech offers the technology for optimal health and wellness we require and are proud of this partnership".

Give your Martial Arts studio this advantage, become a part of this Elite Athletes association!

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