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The Science Behind Mannatech

In 1996 Mannatech distinguished itself in the natural health product market with the development of one of the world's first polysaccharide products. The breakthrough innovation contained in many Mannatech products is Ambrotose® Complex. To date 90 patents in 30 countries have been granted for its health-related and glyconutrient technologies.

With millions of dollars invested in research and development, Mannatech continues to be an industry leader, and proudly serves as the "gold standard" of the industry with product technologies that benefit quality of life.

Five Factors Constitute Their Unique Product Assurance Process

Quality, Evaluation, GMP's, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance.


Consistently meeting or exceeding customer product expectations is among Mannatech's foremost goals - continually striving to keep up with the latest technological capabilities; at the same time they will not compromise their quality standards at the 100% level. They have a comprehensive global quality system based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP,S) established by various regulatory agencies. They maintain strict control over every product as it passes through all phases of development, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution.
Statistical sampling followed by rigorous inspection and testing is conducted by Mannatech's Quality group, in partnership with their suppliers. Only products meeting specifications are allowed to be distributed.
Mannatech's Quality Assurance process encompasses subject matter experts such as microbiologists, chemists, technicians and inspectors, all of whom receive frequent training to update their knowledge. All actions involving products are fully documented. No product is ever shipped without the highest level of assurance that it meets the Quality Standards our Associates and consumers demand.


When you take a Natural Health Product, you have the right to expect that you are taking that natural health product and its exact ingredients in the specific quantities listed on the container - not something else that has been mislabelled or otherwise misrepresented. The reliable, science-based analyses of Mannatech have proven to be indispensable in allowing Mannatech to offer this assurance.

Science-based analyses such as assays separate fact from falsehood. They are practical applications of the scientific methods by which substances of various kinds, including the ingredients in natural health products, can be objectively analyzed.

Mannatech uses verifiable, approved assay methods, so you can be confident that what you're taking is of the highest quality and value.

GMPs Now Government Mandated

GMPs impact all aspects of product realization -- development, manufacture, evaluation, storage and distribution. GMPs implemented at Mannatech encompass a wide variety of issues such as consistent process record keeping, personnel qualification, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment qualification, process controls and customer complaint handling. All Natural Health Products in Canada are required to adhere to GMPs just as every company in the U.S.dietary supplement industry is now required to have processes that comply with U.S. dietary supplement GMPs. Consumers that chose intelligently can now be assured of the highest product safety and quality.

Everything from raw material acquisition to distribution of the finished natural health product is affected by GMPs. Highly qualified scientists in Mannatech's Quality Assurance department inspect each lot of manufactured product and either approve or reject them based on a comprehensive set of quality control criteria.

To further ensure unbiased assessment of products, the Quality Assurance department is run independently of Product Management.


Product quality and product safety are inseparable. As a pioneering company identified with plant polysaccharide technology since its inception, Mannatech continuously does all it can to earn the trust consumers place in it every time they use a Mannatech product.

Their overarching goal is uncompromising and never varies: For every Associate and consumer to feel the highest level of confidence that each container of any given Mannatech product has the same high-quality ingredients and has been processed consistently to their exacting standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Mannatech's Global Regulatory affairs group registers products in various countries to help ensure timely product availability to Associates and consumers in all countries where Mannatech sells products. Regulations and regulatory requirements vary greatly from country to country; so to ensure regional regulatory compliance, Mannatech's regulatory experts guide the product development efforts for each country. This group is responsible for ensuring that products in any given country are always correctly labeled and that they include only approved ingredients in the correct formulations. The global regulatory environment for natural health products is constantly changing. By vigilantly monitoring worldwide regulatory activities, the Regulatory Compliance group helps ensure that Mannatech provides products that meet regional regulations in specific countries.    Click here for more

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