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coreproductsCore Technologies
Products overview

Advanced Ambrotose Ambrotose®

  Health Solutions:

Ambrotose AO CapsulesAmbrotose AO®

MannaBears Jar MannaBears ®
with Ambrotose

phytoburst bagPhytoBurst
nutritional chews

nutriverus diagramNutriVerus

hydroponic plant Optimal Support

phytomatrixjar PhytoMatrix®

plus capplets PLUS
 endocrine  health

    Targeted Support:

human knee diagramBounceBack®


immunostart productImmunoStart®
immune support

immune support


mannacleanse productMannaCLEANSE
digestive support

hydroponic plant Optimal Support

omega3-d productOmega-3
with D3

Uth skincareUth new skin care

 Weight and Fitness:

osolean productOsoLean®
fat loss

glycoslim productGlycoSlim® meal
replacement drink mix

 Glycemic Diet

 Glycemic Diet-2

Optimal Support Packets

Mannatech's Optimal Support Packets (OSPs) provide a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
They are especially convenient for life on the go!
About Optimal Support Packets:
  • Take two packets a day for the maintenance of good health.
  • Carry OSPs in your purse, briefcase or gym bag.
  • Hand them out at the breakfast and dinner table.
  • Take them on vacation without the hassle of carrying multiple bottles.
  • Keep a box in your office drawer.

  • Here's What OSPs Can Do for You:

  • OSPs are formulated to deliver vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the immune system and for the maintenance of good health.

  • OSPs are a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain good health.

  • OSPs are a perfect complement to Mannatech LIFT Skin Care products--for a healthy lifestyle, inside and out!

  • Get Optimal Support Packets and take good health everywhere you go!

  • 1-403-443-2206 - [email protected]

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