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 Glycemic Diet

 Glycemic Diet-2

* for BounceBack, allow 4 - 6 weeks for optimal results and effects
Health Solutions - Low Glycemic Diet

A Low Glycemic Diet, Real Food Supplements and exercise help lose inches and feel great!

Free Girl Eating healthy means a low glycemic diet, plus the right supplements and is the key to unlocking a lean body, and to a long healthy lifestyle.

Concentrate on losing inches not pounds. This means that you can lose fat without losing your muscle tone; you actually build your muscles while dropping those unwanted inches!

Not everyone gains or loses weight in the same way because everyone has a different body type and responds to diets and exercise in a different way.

The normal approach to weight loss is often counter productive and even potentially harmful. You want to lose inches, not lean muscle! One key to being truly healthy is being lean...or maintain a good lean to fat ratio. (check your BCI)

All About Supplements

Everyone needs to take supplements because of the deficiency in our foods today!

What supplements to take, what brand, and how much have been questions people have been asking for years, but especially now.

Meats During the last 50 years, our foods have lost much of their vital nutrients because of modern farming, green harvesting, acid rain and too many other causes to list here.

Where one apple would suffice, now it takes about 10 apples to get the same amount of nutrients! The same is happening with all our other fruits and vegetables, depending a great deal on where they are grown, how they are harvested and shipped.

No matter how you look at it, none of us are getting the nutrients from our foods that our bodies need.

Look at the evidence! More and more people are ill, chronically ill!

Why? Lack of the proper ingredients the body needs to keep and stay well.

Healthy Diet, Exercise and Supplements

MangoesA good start is to follow the Low Glycemic Diet chart and list given below. It is a vegetarian diet, but I have a chart including meats and dairy products for those who do not wish to be eat a vegetarian diet.

Of course you need to have a regular exercise schedule to make any diet work well.

In other words your lifestyle affects your success in losing fat with any type of diet. No diet by itself can result in permanent fat loss without some exercise.

It does not have to be rigorous exercise, but some exercise needs to be regular, such as taking your pet for a walk twice a day or walking around the block a couple of times.

You could do a few minutes of exercises at home, such as jumping, stretching or a few situps. Sitting on the couch all day encourages fat to settle in and makes it harder to lose.

Supplements and the Immune System

BlueberriesWe need a strong immune system to survive all the different strains of viruses that are coming at us all the time.

When our immune systems weaken, what happens? It shows up differently with each person, but the one common denominator with everyone is the fact that we all have physical problems of one kind or another.

Left alone, some of these problems, many of them in fact, evolve into more serious health issues.

All this because we do not have the right nutrients in our bodies to enable our body to heal itself. It is time we take care of ourselves, to be proactive in our personal health care.

Some of these problems start when we are very young, but they do not manifest themselves until years later.

Prevention is the object! Stop problems before they can begin and try to "kill them dead" if they are already at work in your bodies!

There has been a scientific technological breakthrough in the wellness industry. A whole line of excellent propriatary products have been developed based on this technology to help you achieve health and wellness.

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